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A perfect blend of youth and experience allowed electronic to prosper in Natus Vincere. The obsession with winning doesn't prevent him from keeping calm and collected when it comes to performing in-game. Watch the video to relive Denis' best plays with our team.

Сплав молодости и опыта помогли electronic'y засиять новыми красками в Natus Vincere. Жажда побеждать не мешает ему действовать рассудительно и хладнокровно в игре. Настало время заново пережить все лучшие моменты Дениса в нашей команде.

Feel the advantages of the new HyperX keyboard format for the professional gamers! Alloy FPS Pro now become tenkeyless, which made it incredibly compact. All the advantages of HyperX keyboards remain the same: a steel frame, full Anti-Ghosting, Cherry MX Red switches, etc. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro wa...

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