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After a six-month break from csounter-strike and moviemaking i realized that i want to make one more big movie. I didnt want to create videos about onliners with their supa-dupa airshots or 2-seconds no-zoom aces with met0ri or smth like that (haha im just kidding). IEM5 World Championship is the biggest event in year, so i downloaded all the demos from this tournament and started to make this video.
I found a lot of good moments in these demos which i recorded and put into this film. This movie gathered 57 best frag moments of the event.
Starring: ave, bruno, dennis, edward, zeus, esenin, zonic, face, RobbaN, Get_RiGhT, f0rest, fnx, FalleN, ed1k, kHRYSTAL, markeloff, minet, trace, glow, solo, Neo, pasha, dsn, Irukandji, Loord, Storm, n0thing, Nevan, nitor, Xizt.
X-Ray Dog - Shredded Ice
Zeromancer - Need You Like A Drug
Disturbed - Sons Of Plunder
Theory Of A Deadman - Got It Made
Audiomachine - Ruff Cut

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