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s1mple fragmovie ! s1mple awp is insane so is his rifles/deagle ! 08/04/2016 welcome to navi s1mple ! Enjoy this 11minutes of s1mple highlights and his best moments / frags ! This is my favorite edit ive done so far, i hope you will like it as well.

Featuring: s1mple unchained best of s1mple s1mple fragmovie s1mple best awp frags s1mple awp Liquid s1mple Flipsid3 s1mple Hellraisers s1mple Courage s1mple s1mple deagle ace s1mple awp ace s1mple knife s1mple jumpshot s1mple vac s1mple vac shot awp beast cs:go s1mple cs s1mple s1mple 1v4 s1mple 1v5 s1mple ace s1mple clutch s1mple movie cs:go fragmovie s1mple cs news1mple awp beast unchained deagle NaVi s1mple navi
Movie title: s1mple - Unchained
Player: Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev
Country: Ukraine
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